Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2 Bite Brownies are DA BOMB!

You always see those containers in the bakery area at the grocery store that are calling your name. The ones calling mine the loudest are the brownies, however I never buy them. I always think 'but you know you could make better ones...' So, today, I did!

These are very rich, so the 2 bite size is perfect to quash that sweet tooth that is nagging you in the afternoon. They are sinful warm; I'll have to come back and let you know how they are at room temperature! I found a recipe on food.com, from my friend, Lvs2Cook; these were EXACTLY what I was searching for - Brownie Bites. My yield was 35, and there were a couple that could have been filled just a little more. I have to find someone to share these with...now, GO MAKE THESE! You know you want to...

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