Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Comfort Food for my Sick Honey!

Hey there! Here's post #2 and apparently, it's sandwich week! Hubby has been home for the last 2 days, sick with bronchitis and an ear infection, so this was more for him than for me, but great, nonetheless...I was looking for the pinnacle in comfort food and what should I find but this: Ultimate Grilled Cheese - Gotta Try It! So, who am I to refuse? I made a couple of adjustments/ substitutions: I used the new (original flavor) Philly Cooking Creme in place of the cream cheese. I also butter toasted both sides of the bread (to help prevent sogginess) and I sprinkled a little freshly grated parmesan into the pan, to 'crust' the outsides of the sandwich. De-LISH! This will be perfect on a cold, wintery day, but it fit the bill for a sick honey TODAY!

Don't forget this one when you need a little 'extra' comfort! Thanks for stopping by!


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