Friday, July 20, 2012

TGIF! - Lava Flows for everyone!

It's like a heatwave, burning in my heart.... (credit: Martha and the Vandellas)
It has been hot, Hot, HOT and a refreshing beverage is exactly what you need at the end of a steamy (100ยบ +, with heat index) day. Here is what you should be making this evening - a Lava Flow! Very interesting! I've made this drink a few times and you can make it too!

Here's how:
Lava Flow (makes 2)
4 oz. your fave rum (use coconut, if you like)
8 oz. pina colada mix
8 strawberries + sugar to macerate
Ice for the blender

Cut up your strawberries into small pieces and add sugar, to taste. Allow to macerate for a couple of hours, in the fridge. Mix rum and pina colada mix with ice in the blender. Divide strawberries (and juice) into 2 glasses and fill with your pina colada. It makes a very striking cocktail and is tasty AND refreshing!

Hard to go wrong with this drink. If you make your pina coladas from scratch (pineapple juice and Coco Lopez) you can certainly use that to mix these up! I was just trying to make it EASY!

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